Young woman visiting her grandma and giving her a hug

From Jan R.:

Regarding Husbands care with us:

Mrs. R. called to say how appreciative she was for us taking care of her husband in his last days at Valhalla. She said the nurses and aides were especially great with him. She also wanted to thank Donna and Leann for giving him the chance at coming to Valhalla when no one else would. She said Valhalla was nothing but great to her husband and family. They are very gracious for everything they did for her husband.

Tim R. was a patient with us.

Tim came to us post heart attack. He admitted with a Peg for feeding, Trach for breathing, bed wound, and catheter. He was wheelchair dependent. He was unable to walk when he admitted to us.

Mrs. R. wrote us an extensive letter regarding Tim’s care with us. She hopes his “success story” will encourage further consideration of unique patients that need the care of Valhalla/Oaklawn can provide. She states “I think Valhalla is a true testament that a good fit, hard work, and the right people can make a huge difference in a patients recovery.”

Mrs. R. stated: Mr. R. certainly could not have gotten better so quickly without the help of a lot of your staff in particular folks down in PT and OT. He had his first therapy the next morning and every day after that. In PT. Megan and Trisha kept his workouts original and progressive and he knows they helped him tremendously. And then Megan making the house visit to make sure we were ready to come home was a huge peace of mind for us both!

Jackie his speech therapist was wonderful! On her first visit, she asked him some of his interest (golf, current events, etc.) and then catered ALL his sessions around those subjects!

While we had some nurses only once or twice, we had others many, many times and they were a welcome face every time we saw them. In particular, Mike, Michelle, and Sherry were absolutely wonderful to us – whether it was taking time to ask questions (medical or otherwise) to get to know us better, or trying to oblige our schedule for medications and when to do a dressing change, etc. They were instrumental in helping us feel “at home” as much as possible while we were there.

We are indebted to all the nurses who helped us and were SO kind to us: Danielle, Lainey, Kenny, Hector, Melissa, Betty, Laurie, Monica, Adam, Brandon, Mike, Michelle, Sherry, and nurse manager Christy.

Just like the nurses, we had some CNAs that we saw more than others. And even though they would say Tim and I were pretty self-sufficient, our time there wouldn’t have felt as unworrisome if it weren’t for the CNAs. Cathy, Eli, Salina, Dee Dee, Kim, Deirda, Angie, Jamie, Toya, Melanie, and Malinda.

As I know I’ve already given individual thank notes to, but from my very first phone call to Valhalla/Oaklawn from Florida, I was treated with respect, concern, and just plain kindness. The words ‘thank you” are truly not enough for you all did for us!

Thank you all again SO, much!

This letter was written after Mr. R. had been home for 5 weeks and continuing to do very well with his recovery.